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KDR JFC AGM 2017 - Chairman's Report

Sunday 25th June 2017.

This is my 4th report as Chair of KDR Juniors.

I am incredibly proud of the progress the club has made over the last year and the success the teams have had over the season. Grange Park has again proved in the main to be a venue that does not hinder our games through loss of use through poor weather and careful management of the ground midweek and at weekends has ensured that all of our home fixtures and many reversed fixtures have gone ahead and enabled all fixtures to be completed.

I have been fortunate to be able to continue to build on the hard work and success of the committee in previous years. This has enabled me to act as the Chairman whilst continuing the role of Safeguarding officer as we have welcomed Fiona Allinson into that role which she will fulfil more in the coming season.

The use of the facilities has been achieved through nothing less than hard work and commitment from members of the committee and the many volunteers, working in the background to ensure smooth operation and necessary maintenance is completed in a timely fashion. Not least the endeavours of our Car Park volunteers who in the face of many challenges make the process work each weekend and still smile throughout. My thanks to Tom Diggle for his diligence and input as the Club's Grange Park liaison.

Nicky Holliday has been a great support to me in the administration of many of the Chair activities. With her commitment also to the team of age group representatives ensuring that activities are both communicated and publicised and supported. Nicky has started and will continue in the role of Club Player Registration Secretary, a​ vital role in the successful administration of players.

I have been delighted to share in the enthusiasm and involvement of the age group representatives team and have welcomed their new ideas will help us gel as a community club and provide a long term blueprint for the success of future fundraising goals.

Steve Pierce has continued to add invaluable support and experience, with his years at the club and in spinning the plates as both KDR treasurer, Grange Park treasurer and with groundsman, continued to improve and maintain the playing pitches and surrounding areas. Not least the planting of the more bulbs provided via Green Leeds. His work with updating all managers with the progress of annual subscriptions being paid, the reclaim of Gift Aid and his influence in this regard is invaluable.

My thanks also to Brian Colling, President, for his continued support and football wisdom and to John Firth, Secretary, for his continued support and maintenance of our relationships with the various leagues and the County FA. At this time it is fair to thank and acknowledge John and his desire to stand down from the Secretary role at the end of the 2016/2017 season, which will have resulted in him providing 23 years of voluntary service to the junior section. I would personally like to thank him for his time, commitment and due diligence and look forward to working with him as we work on a handover process to a successor in the coming year.

I should also thank Alex Hewitt for all of her work on merchandising and kit supplies, Simon Booth for his work on the shared facility of the all-weather pitch at Wetherby High School, Jane Mead for her great work on the Annual Charter Standard administration and her work on the volunteers courses and qualifications, Stefan Kusinski for all of his work on the Club's website and Rob and Nicky Holliday for communication for the club via the Facebook page.

The work that that our managers, assistants and coaches do week in week out with their teams to improve our players and their own coaching skills is very much appreciated and they should be rightly proud of everything they do for all involved.

U12 Dynamos 2017 league champions 340.jpg

I would like to congratulate particularly the U12s Dynamo squad for their success at winning the B section of their League

U14s Boys - Cup Final 340.jpg

and recognition also for the U14s boys as runners up in the Barkston Ash cup competition. 

U12 Girls gala Jun 2017 1 340.jpg

We have also had success in Gala and Tournament events with the U12 Girls coming second in the Brayton Gala 

U8s Gala Jun 2017 340.jpg

and the U8s boys winning the Wetherby tournament. 

The commentary I have seen for the U9s boys this season looks very strong and promising and we wish them every success as they progress into the Harrogate Junior Friendly League next season.

Team 340.jpg

Also, for the first time in many seasons we had a touring team as our U13s Blues and Whites went to Blackpool getting through to the quarter finals. Well done! Hopefully we can encourage more squads to take this opportunity in the coming seasons. The U13s also hosted a mini six team tournament here with KDR Whites coming as Runners up.

7 340.jpgIt was a delight to be able to host the Junior Schools event again this season with 42 teams taking part, the biggest event we have ever held. This resulted in excess of 300 children from junior schools taking part in a massively successful day. We should all recognise the hard work and effort involved in ensuring the success, from the setting up on Friday evening, to packing away on Saturday evening a true team effort. Not least I should thank Andy Gott for his work on fixtures and Tom Diggle for coordinating the car parking. I hope that we will see this return next season.

I am immensely grateful to all of our age groups Managers, Coaches, Volunteers and Helpers and to our Sponsors for all of their time, energy, commitment and support, you are the ones that help us ensure the success and atmosphere that we have at KDR Juniors and ensure a firm footing for our future.

As we go into 2017/18 season we continue to go from Strength to Strength, particularly in the Girls section as we will now have 4 age groups playing League football across the Harrogate Girls Junior League and the City of York Girls League. We will also be working hard over the summer to cement the player registration system on The Whole Game system element as we come to terms with working across the various boys and girls leagues and I know that Nicky Holliday will ensure that all the age groups are ready to start their first matches, but my plea to all age groups to provide everything that is needed to make that happen.

I look forward to my next season and to your continued support and success and the future of ‘Team KDR’.

Mark Unsworth