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KDR Girls at Doncaster Belles​

Doncaster Belles trip 1.jpg

A groups of KDR Kites and Dragons travelled to the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster on Sunday 18th October to watch Doncaster Belles play Millwall Lionesses in their last league game in WSL2 before their promotion to the top league next year. Kirk Deighton even got a shout out from the Doncaster Belles official twitter account!

Doncaster Belles twitter.png 

It was a high quality match with very few stoppages and no playacting (watch and learn men). The KDR girls were captivated by the speed, skill and strength of the players and learnt a lot about using body strength, the importance of pressing and of holding positions and playing as a team. They also had ample opportunity to wave their Belles flags as Doncaster won the game 4-0. Donny Belles would have won the league had Reading not sneaked a 3-2 win but the crowd was happy to celebrate the promotion party. We stayed to watch the celebrations and all the girls came away inspired about how good they can become. Thanks to all the parents for bringing the girls along, it will certainly be a trip we will repeat next season.​

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