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​​Wetherby Schools Football Tournament 2016                                       

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On Saturday 14th May we hosted our 10th Annual Wetherby Schools Football Tournament at Grange Park.​ A record number of 42 teams competed in five age groups. Year 2 children played for fun in a round robin tournament, each participating school receiving a trophy for taking part.

The Girls Year 3/4 tournament was won​ by St Edward's School, who defeated two teams from Crossley Street School in a mini-league format.


Primrose Lane School won the Year 3/4 tournament, beating St Edward's School 3-1 in the Final.


The Girls Year 5/6 tournament was won by St Joseph's School Wetherby, with a 2-0 victory in the Final over Lady Elizabeth Hastings School Collingham.


The last game of the day was possibly the most dramatic of all. Crossley Street School were up against near neighbours Deighton Gates School in the Final of the Year 5/6 tournament. Regular time saw no score. Extra time saw no score. A Golden Goal period of 10 minutes ensued, to be followed by a penalty shoot-out if the deadlock remained unbroken.

With 10 seconds left on the clock, and penalties beckoning, Crossley Street finally found the back of the net (picture below). A 1-0 win, some very tired boys, and a number of hoarse spectators.



Congratulations to the winning teams and many thanks to all boys and girls who played their part in our best tournament to date. We look forward to seeing you return next year.